Course Instructor: Dr. Otman A. Basir,

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that refers to a collection of problem solving techniques. These techniques differ from traditional techniques in that they make use of both a knowledge base and an inference mechanism by which to apply knowledge. We will discuss various concepts and techniques relevant to artificial intelligence. Topics to be discussed include search and game playing, logic and inference, probabilistic reasoning, and an overview of advanced subjects such as learning, ontologies, and soft computing.

Course Outline
The following list is an approximate guide for the material to be covered in the course.
1. Introduction: goals and definitions of artificial intelligence; intelligent agents and their environment.
2. Search: state space problem formulation and representation; uninformed search; heuristic search; iterative improvement; constraint satisfaction; game-playing.
3. Logic: propositional and first-order logic; unification and resolution; forward and backward chaining.
4. Uncertainty: probabilistic reasoning; decision-making.
5. Introduction to advanced topics: learning; soft computing; ontologies.

The course consists of scheduled weekly lectures and tutorials. New material will be presented during the lectures. The tutorials will provide help with assignments, problems, and other course-related questions. The course has projects, which the students are expected to do outside of scheduled lecture and tutorial hours.

Lectures:  Thursdays 11:30-02:20; DWE 3522
Tutorials:  Thursdays 7:00PM to 7:50PM DWE 3522

Required Textbook
Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach", Second edition, Prentice Hall, 2003.

Marking Scheme
Project 1 (10%)
Project 2 (10%)
Project 3 (10%)
Project 4 (10%)
Final Exam (60%)
To pass the course, you need a total mark of 50% or more. You do not necessarily need to pass the exam.

Course Website
This website will be the main tool used to publish announcements and to distribute important material. Students are expected to consult it regularly.