Projects Each project is due either two weeks after the end of the lecture it can be started after, or two weeks after the due date of the previous project. If the two dates are different, the later of the two is the correct due date.

The code of each project has to be sent by email to the TA. The paper should be printed and either handed in to the TA or in class on the due date.

You may write the code of the projects in the programming language of your choice, and on your preferred operating system. There are no restrictions on these points.

The Reports
The project reports should be clear and concise. They should have an introduction, a section describing the implementation of the project, a section describing the results you obtained, a conclusion, and if needed a reference section. There is no minimum or maximum length. The elements mentioned in the “deliverables” and “marking scheme” sections of the project statements should be easy to find.

In the section describing your project, you should explain the solutions you implemented to the challenges of the project. The projects can be solved in several different ways, and your solution depends not on which way you choose but on how you justify your decision. You should also present the key features of your algorithms along with their pseudo-code.

In the section on experimental results, you should provide the sample output of your algorithm as required in the project statements. You should also conduct an analysis of these results, using relevant criteria which are usually provided in the project statement or the related lectures.

The course lecture slides, as good as they are, do not qualify as a reference.

Project 1: Search Heuristics
This project requires knowledge of uninformed and informed search techniques. .
Due date: June 4thth
TA: Alemzadeh, M. 

Project 2: Game-Playing
This project requires knowledge of Adversarial Search and Genetic algorithms.
Due date: June 18th
TA: Drawil, N.

Project 3: Rule Based Reasoning - Fuzzy Logic
This project requires knowledge of rule based logic.
Due date: July 3th
TA: Alemzadeh, M.

Project 4: Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning
This project requires knowledge of probability and Bayes' Theorem (Lecture #8) as well as utility functions and decision-making, and the bonus points require knowledge of learning agents.
Due date: July 23th
TA: Drawil, N.