Thank You!

Thank you to all speakers, panelists and participants who attended WiML 2009 in Vancouver, and to everyone who helped make is a successful event. Please stay tuned for a follow-up survey that will be sent to all participants.

The Call for Organizers for WiML 2010 has been posted. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2010.

Workshop Logistics

Important Dates

Invited Speakers

We are delighted to have the following invited speakers:

About The Workshop

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science research, but the number of female researchers remains low--even compared to other areas of computer science. Most women working in machine learning rarely get the chance to interact with other female researchers, making it easy to feel isolated and hard to find role models...

... but this workshop is not about grumbling! Male and female graduate students alike often face questions of self-doubt and career-planning; our goal is to be a force of positive change, to invigorate -- or reinvigorate, as the case may be -- excitement in high-quality machine learning research. In particular, we offer an opportunity for female graduate students to

  • present their research in a friendly, positive environment while also providing critical feedback
  • hear technical presentations on the work of senior women in their field
  • participate in career-focused panel discussions with senior women in industry and academia
  • network and exchange ideas with each other and senior female researchers

Undergraduates who are interested in either pursuing graduate school or doing internships in machine learning are encouraged to attend.

Workshop registration is free, and the organizers aim to provide travel subsidies to all student presenters.


The one-day workshop will consist of talks by established researchers and graduate students, a poster session for graduate students to showcase their research, and a panel discussion to discuss careers in machine learning.