December 6, 2009

18:15Meet at Hyatt Regency Vancouver lobby to walk to restaurant.
19:00 Pre-workshop dinner at Salam Bombay
755 Burrard St, Suite 217, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 681-6300

December 7, 2009 - Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Georgia A room


08:30Registration & poster setup
09:00 Invited talk by Odelia Schwartz (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Natural scene statistics and spatial context in visual processing

09:35Oral Session I:

Rita Chattopadhyay (Arizona State University)
A Generalized Machine Learning framework for Continuous Monitoring of physiological conditions based on Fatigue and Intensity of activity in Daily Living

Jacquelyn Ann Shelton (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and Universität Tübingen)
Semi-supervised Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis of Human Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data

Yuejie Chi (Princeton University)
Blind Source Separation from Compressed Data - A Bayesian Approach
10:20Coffee break
10:35Invited talk by Dana Pe'er (Columbia University)
Reconstructing Biological Regulation

11:10Oral Session II:

Ossnat Bar-Shira (Bar-Ilan University)
Local large margin models for network reconstruction

Monica Dinculescu (McGill University)
Learning Approximate Representations of Partially Observable Systems

11:40 Poster Session I: first names A-K
12:25 Lunch
13:25Oral Session III:

Athina Spiliopoulou (University of Edinburgh)
Probabilistic Models for Melodic Sequences

Diane Oyen (University of New Mexico)
Learning Smoothly Varying Bayesian Network Structures Under Similar Contexts

Thuy Thi Nguyen (TU Graz)
Hierarchical Probabilistic Model for Learning Complex Object Class for the problem of Categorical Recognition in Computer Vision

14:10Invited talk by Kristen Grauman (UT Austin)
Continuous Visual Category Learning

14:45Invited talk by Michèle Sebag (CNRS)

15:20Coffee break
15:30Poster session II: first name L-Z
16:15Panel Discussion
17:15Closing remarks & poster take-down
17:30End of Workshop