Fakhri Karray

Current Research Activities:

Karray’s current research interests are in the areas of cognitive robotics, natural human-machine interaction, autonomous and intelligent systems, and voice and media concept extraction. Methodological approaches are based on Karray's research in the fields of autonomous design of complex systems, approximate reasoning, soft computing and tools of computational intelligence. Applications include cognitive assistive robotics, intelligent information retrieval and concept extraction from multimedia archives, real time distributed systems and multiagent control, and advanced man-machine interaction with multi-sensing capabilities.

Karray is involved in multitude of research projects, some are of theoretical nature, and others are oriented towards applications and of more industrial and end-user scope. Karray’s research work has led to a number of theoretical findings and inventions in his field of expertise spanning the following areas:

  • Autonomous and intelligent systems
  • Computational intelligence and applications
  • Cognitive robotics and smart mechatronics
  • Distributed real time systems
  • Concept extraction and natural speech understanding
  • Multi modal information retrieval