Announcements 12 August 2008
The marks for the exam and the final marks of the course are now online.

Have a good summer, everyone!

11 August 2008
The marks for Project 4 are now online.

30 July 2008
The solutions to the problems of Lecture 14 are now online.

27 July 2008
The marks for Project 3 are now online. The reports will be handed back on Monday, at class and at the tutorial.

23 July 2008
I will hold a review session during the tutorial session on July 28th. We will be going through some of the problems in Lecture 14.

27 June 2008
The marks for Project 2 are now online. The reports will be distributed next class, July 2nd.

19 June 2008
Yesterday, we finished the lecture on FOL. This completes the material needed to get started on Project 3. This project will be due in three weeks, on July 9th. Likewise, Project 4 will be due three weeks after that, on July 30th.

15 June 2008
The marks for Project 1 are now up on the Marks page. I would like to remind you that these will be the same marks that will be used to compute your final grade in the course at the end of the term, so it is important to notify me of any mistakes on that page.

10 June 2008
Given that there are a lot of questions regarding Project 2, Hassan Mostafa has offered to hold extra office hours until the deadline. These extra hours are:

These hours are only for those students who need help for Project 2, and not for general questions about the rest of the course material. After the 16th, he will resume holding his regular office hours. The other TAs will continue to hold their regular office hours, as usual.

6 June 2008
The Spring 2008 final exam schedule has been posted on the Registrar's website.

5 June 2008
I will have to be out of town on June 9th. Consequently, there will be no class that day. However, the tutorial session will take place that evening as scheduled.

31 May 2008
As we finished Lecture #5 yesterday, you now have all the material you need to get started on Project #2. I will talk a little about the project on Monday's class, and it will be due two weeks from that date, on June 16th.

27 May 2008
The solutions to the problems done during the tutorial are now up on the website. The login and password was emailed to the class.

16 May 2008
We have completed Lecture 3 today. You can now start working on Project 1. It will be due in two weeks, on May 30th.

15 May 2008
I updated the slides of Lecture 3 yet again. This should be the last time.

12 May 2008
A new version of the ppt and pdf presentation of Lecture 3 is now online. This updated version corrects a few minor mistakes found in the original.

8 May 2008
The TAs office hours have been added to the Syllabus page.

2 May 2008
The website for the Spring class of ECE457 is now online. The Fall class' website has been moved.