Announcements 14 August 2007
The marks of the final exam and the final marks of the course are now online. To pass the course, you need a total mark of 50% or more. You do not necessarily need to pass the exam.

10 August 2007
The marks for project 4 are now online.

1 August 2007
The marks for project 3 are now online.

27 July 2007
The review slides (Lecture 14) are now online, with the answers.

11 July 2007
As it appears that most students in the class have a 4th year project due on the 23rd, the due date for project 4 has been pushed back to the Wednesday the 25th.

5 July 2007
The marks for Project 2 are up. You can pick up the reports at Friday's class.

26 June 2007
Someone found a typo in one of the equations in the slides. In Lecture #6, page 16, the first rule should be an implication instead of a biconditional. It should thus read "Pi,j => (Bi+1,j ^ Bi-1,j ^ Bi,j+1 ^ Bi,j-1)". Please correct it in your notes.

25 June 2007
New slides for Lectures 11, 12 and 13 are now online. In addition, a copy of the second edition of the textbook has been requested from the DC Library, and will be put on reserve shortly (full day loan). This will allow students who own the first edition of the textbook to match chapter numbers, and to get an updated list of the problems they need to practice for the final exam.

20 June 2007
The CNF example slides from the FOL Resolution class have been added under Lecture 7, and new slides for Lecture 10 are now available.

15 June 2007
The dates for Projects 3 and 4 are now set. Project 3 will be due on July 4, while Project 4 will be due on July 20. For your benefit, there will be a special tutorial session designed to help you with each project. The tutorial for Project 3 will be held on June 19, while the tutorial for Project 4 will be held on July 3.

10 June 2007
Extra slides for Lecture 7 and new slides for Lectures 8 and 9 are now online. The extra slides of Lecture 7 address the questions asked in Friday's lecture and clarify some more complicated notions. They will be the topic of Monday's lecture.

8 June 2007
The marks of Project #1 are online. The marks on the report are out of 85, the maximum grade of the project without counting bonus points. The marks on the website are out of 10, the value of the project in the final mark.

If you find a difference between the mark on the report and the mark on the webpage, please contact the instructor immediately.

3 June 2007
New slides are now online for Lecture #6. They are for an exercise that we will do at the end of Monday's class.

1 June 2007
Updated versions of the statements of Project #3 and Project #4, which includes the marking schemes, are now online. The Tutorial page has also been updated. Note that the next tutorial will be a special session to answer questions about Project #2.

30 May 2007
Today we finished lecture #5. This means that you can now start working on Project #2. This project will be due two weeks from today, on Wednesday June 13. The TA in charge of this project is Mehrdad Hosseini-Zadeh, and his email and office hours are available on the Syllabus page. You should direct all questions regarding this project to him. I’d like to remind you that the code of the project must be sent in by email to Mehrdad, while the project report must be printed out and either handed in to Mehrdad during his office hours or given to me in class the day of the due date only.

29 May 2007
I added a few extra slides for Lecture 5. We will discuss them at the beginning of Wednesday's lecture.

19 May 2007
New lecture slides are now online for Lectures 6 and 7. Lecture 8 will follow shortly.

Following a decision by one of the deans of the ECE Department, the project drop box that was supposed to be on Deborah Perchaluk’s desk will not be, and Deborah Perchaluk is not allowed to accept reports. Consequently, the project reports have to be printed and handed in to the TA in charge of each project. The TAs, their office and office hours are all listed in the course syllabus. For convenience, I will also accept reports in class on the due date only.

16 May 2007
The updated slides for Lecture 5 are now online. Updated slides for Lecture 6 will follow shortly. Also, the list of problems of Tutorial #2 is now online, and the solutions will be up soon.

15 May 2007
Extra slides for Lecture 3 have been posted. These are designed to clarify certain points that came up in questions after class on Monday, and will be presented in class on Wednesday.

An updated version of the statement of Project #2, which includes the marking scheme, is now online.

14 May 2007
With today's lecture, we have covered all the material that is needed to do Project 1. Therefore, the project should now be started, and will be due by Monday, May 28. I remind you that the code must be emailed to Mohammed Hamed El-Abd, the TA in charge of the project, while the report must be printed out and either handed in to Mohammed or left in the course drop box on Deborah Perchaluk’s desk at the ECE department main reception.

You may code this project in any language you want. However, you must code yourself the breath-first, depth-first, and A* search algorithms, as well as any extra search algorithms you may choose to include. You cannot use search algorithms you found on the Internet.

You will be evaluated based on the report you hand it. You must therefore hand in a quality report (including an introduction, a description of your work in clear, logical sections, experimental results and analysis, a conclusion, and references if you used any) of reasonable length, so that the TA will not have trouble finding the relevant information and grading it properly.

13 May 2007
Updated slides for Lecture 4 are now online. Updated slides for Lecture 5 should be ready this week.

11 May 2007
A new "tutorial" section is now online. Each week, the solutions of the problems done in the tutorial will be posted there. The solutions for this week's problems are already online.

10 May 2007
New slides for Lecture 3 are now online. New slides for Lecture 4 should be ready in a few days.

8 May 2007
The slides for Lecture 2.5 are now online.

6 May 2007
A new version of Project 1 is now online. The difference is that you have to test your search agents with two more start/end coordinates. The new project description also includes the marking scheme that will be used to evaluate your reports.

4 May 2007
Unfortunately, it seems the textbooks for the course were not ordered on time. The person in charge of making the order left midway through last term, the person who inherited the responsibility was not familiar with the system, and as a result the order was lost in the shuffle. A new order for the textbooks was just placed, and the textbooks should arrive at the bookstore late next week.

1 May 2007
The website is now online.